Auto Diagnostics in Woodlawn, IL

If your vehicle is not running right, you may need to see a professional car mechanic for a tune-up or repair. If you think you’re in need of diagnostic tests, look no further than Parker Automotive.

We do all types of diagnostic repairs and car diagnostics to help you get your vehicle running the way it is supposed to and get you back on the road. Located in Woodlawn, IL, we focus on finding the problem using a variety of automotive repair tools that help us get to the heart of the problem fast so we can get you back running right again.

Auto Diagnostics

Auto Diagnostics

Auto diagnostics is one of the most important parts of auto repair. Before any repairs can be done, it is critical that all of the important diagnostic tests be run to check for problems. Our expert auto diagnostics team knows what to look for and how to run all of the critical diagnostics tests.

Diagnostic services include:

  • Transmission
  • Drivability
  • Full-Service: We check all fluid levels
  • Programming and Computer Issues: We are able to address most onboard computer system issues
Car Diagnostics
Auto Diagnostics

Car Diagnostics

One of the differences between our exotic vehicle mechanics and those in other similar businesses is that our mechanics do not just “pull codes” from a diagnostic check. They take time to do an in-depth inspection of the vehicle, including checking fluid levels and other important inspections.

We want to make sure we start off correctly with your vehicle so that we can operate from an educated guess on what is wrong. Then, if we discover other problems, we can change our approach as needed as we proceed.

We’re Not the Fastest, But We’re the Best

If you are looking for a quick fix-up job that will temporarily get you running again, go somewhere else. But if you really want a thorough diagnostic test and analysis of what is wrong with your vehicle, we’re the ones to call. We pride ourselves on doing the best, most precise job around of finding the problem and offering a solution to fix it.

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