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Auto Repair in Woodlawn, IL

Parker Automotive specializes in thorough vehicle diagnostics that ensure all repairs are completed and you get back on the road safely. If you are looking for an auto repair shop or vehicle diagnostics service, we can help. We are Parker Automotive and we can perform most types of vehicle diagnostic services at a great price and get you back on the road again safely and efficiently.

We are a full-service automotive repair shop with nearly 30 years of experience. We take the time to listen to the needs of our customers and do inspections so that you will always feel safe driving your vehicle.

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Some of Our Services

We can do almost any type of auto repair service needed, including the following:

  • Auto repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Electrical repair and maintenance
  • Exhaust system cleaning and repair
  • Auto diagnostic services
  • Tire checks
  • Brake repair
  • Transmission repair
Auto Repair

How Can We Help?

At Parker Automotive, we can work on any of the following types of service or maintenance jobs:

  • Work on any make, any model, including Asian and European cars
  • Certified shop for RepairPal and extended warranties for CarMax
  • Monthly NAPA promotional specials
  • Specializes in car diagnostics
  • Key fob reprogramming/replacement

Parker Automotive has been designated for the following promotions:

  • NAPA promotion will be done every month
  • Nationwide Warranty with NAPA
  • Full service, in-depth oil change

NAPA Nationwide Warranty

Covers Parts and Labor on Qualifying Repairs and Services for 24 Months/24,000 Miles


We are located in Woodlawn, IL, and we are always eager to help with any type of foreign vehicle repair problem. If you are planning to go on a long trip soon, get your brakes, tires, and general health of your vehicle checked soon. You don’t want to risk being far away from home in the event of a breakdown.

What to Do in the Event of a Breakdown

If you have a breakdown, don’t panic. Call AAA or another emergency towing company so you can get your vehicle safely off the road. Once your vehicle is towed safely away, contact us at (618) 735-9000 to have a professional car mechanic assess your vehicle’s problem and plan how to repair it as quickly as possible.

About Our Vehicle Diagnostics Company

Parker Automotive has been in business since 2001 helping people in the Woodlawn, IL, area get the automotive servicing they need. We stand by our reputation and our friendly and expert mechanics can get your vehicle on the road again in no time.

Contact us soon for a repair estimate or come see us when you’re in the neighborhood. We can help you take care of your vehicle and get it back to working condition again.

So before you take that trip or just for regular maintenance work, come in and see us today. Or learn about our car mechanic jobs! We’ll save you time and money in the long run.

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